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freeze dried tub of skittles
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Based in the Tri state area of Savannah TN, we love to do music event, craft shows and summer festivals in the middle TN and surrounding areas. Want to connect with us at our next event? Check out our show schedual.

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Current Best sellers

These are the candies that our local customers buy the most!

freeze dried skittles

Freeze dried crunchy bites of original skittles

freeze ried jolly ranchers
Lolly Ranchers

 Light crunchy freeze dried jolly ranchers.

freeze dried nerd clusters
Nerdy Yummy Clusters

Light, delicate, crunchy Freeze dried Clusters

freeze dried sour worms
Sour crunchy worms

Crunchy and delicious, freeze dried sour worms

freeze dried fruit rollups
Crunchy fruity rolls

Crunchy and bursting with fruity flavor. Freeze dried fruit roll ups

freeze dried skittles
New Tub of Yittles

21 ounces of pure fruity bliss. Perfect for all your skittle lovers.

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